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Oleh Yosypovych

The cottage is situated in the quiet locality in the central part of Skhidnytsya resort with picturesque views over the Carpathian mountains 19 km from the health-resort Truskavets. It provides home comfort and hospitality in 6 cozy suites with all the facilities (including 2 flat-like suites with separate kitchens).

Treatment Doctor consultation and professional massage services and various medical procedures are provided at the Skhidnytsya medical establishments.

Infrastructure A recreation area, summer and winter arbours, a barbecue, a pond with a fountain, WiFi Internet and a car parking. Visitors are offered with three course meals. Mineral springs: spring №18 and №1с are in 600 meter distance, mineral spring №2c is in 500 meter distance, spring №10 is in 800 meter distance from the cottage.


In the place of modern Skhidnytsya in the times of Kyiv Rus there used to be a ‘Zolota Banya’ settlement. Tustan fortress stood not far from it. During the Khan Batu’s horde attacks Zolota Banya was destroyed as well as Tustan fortress with all the surrounding villages. People who had survived started to gather in the valley of the river Stryi, and established a settlement Skhidnytsya, which name originates from a Ukrainian word ‘skhodzhennya’ (‘ascent’).
For the first time Skhidnytsya was mentioned in the documents of the 14th century.
In 1858 oil and mineral wax was found here in Skhidnytsya and began the industrial development of the field. German, British, Belgian, French and USA entrepreneurs used to work here. In 1898 there were extracted more than 168 thousand tons of oil out of 373 mining holes. In 1890 s Skhidnytsya used to be the leader in oil mining in Galicia, in 1930 s it took the third place after Boryslav and Bytkov; and in 1886 and 1935, 215 thousand tons of oil were mined in Skhidnytsya. In 1975 a local pensioner Omelyan Stotskyi discovered large deposits of mineral water ‘Naftusya’ and in one year the village was acknowledged as ‘All-Union Resort’. In 2005 this title was changed for ‘All-Ukrainian Omelyan Stotskyi Resort’.

The first mentioned written record about the church in Skhidnytsya dates back to 1589. In 1767 the second wooden three-domed St. Peter and Paul Church (UGCC) was built. From 1902 to 1905 the third wooden St. Peter and Paul Church (one of the biggest churches in the Ukrainian Carpathians) designed by Lviv architect Vasyl Nahirnyi was erected.
The monument to the discoverer of the Skhidnytsya mineral water ‘Naftusya’ Omelian Stotskyi in 1994. Since 1950s, the former director and the chief engineer of a gasoline plant, Omelian Stotskyi (1894-1979) started to search, describe and examine various mineral water springs (more than hundreds nowadays) on the territory of Skhidnytsya. The ascetic opened 38 such springs similar to ‘Naftusya’ in general. In 1976, he contributed a lot to Skhidnytsya acknowledgement as a balneological health resort and in 1986 it was acknowledged as an all-union balneological health resort.

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