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"Sosnovyi Bir" Cottage

The cottage is situated near the pine forest where you can find strawberries, raspberries and mushrooms. The atmosphere is still and quiet and the water is crystal clear. The whole territory occupies over 10 hectars of the land. There are a couple of lakes for fishing and a large lake for swimming. In the pine forest various in size and shape arbours take place, where you can enjoy the smell of the pine trees.

Two-storeyed cottage includes 3 double bedrooms with shower rooms and toilets. A sauna, a spa and a bath are accommodated in the semibasement.
A special attraction of the cottage is an unforgettable night on the hay, where the aroma of field and forest flowers together with the smell of honey from the neighbouring bee-garden create an impression of a paradise delight. Your summer vacation will be enriched by horse-riding, quad bikes driving and in the winter time by cross-country snow-mobiles riding. And a new menagerie will be opened soon for children and adults.
The village Monastyr Lishnyanskyi is situated 26 km from health resort Skhidnytsya and 16 km from Truskavets, not far from the Drohobych – Sambir road. The name originates from the former monastery. It borders such villages as Lishnya, Medvezha and Unyatychi.
The first written evidence of the monastery in the village dates back to 1663 and is in the Polish king privilege.
The ancient St. Elia’s church is not only a precious monument of wood architecture, but also a witness of the old times.
St. Elias wooden сhurch of the former Basilian monastery (UGCC) in 1698. Monastyr Lishnianskyi village. The iconostasis dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The Church was rebuilt in 1802 and restored in 1832.

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