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Two separated double-rooms for 8 people. The second floor with a view over green mountainous hills. The rooms are trimmed with natural wood and decorated in the Ukrainian style. The walls are ornamented with embroidery and pictures. In each of the rooms there are double beds, soft folding sofas and all the necessary furniture for a comfortable residence. Hot and cold water is available for twenty four hours.
Three course meals are 80 UAH. Two course meals are 60 UAH
Included in the price:
Additional payment:
‘Naftusya’ delivery once a day, tours to Dovbush cliffs, Sambir, Bilaky, Tustan and Maydan Novyi Kropyvnyk village is situated in the depth of the Carpathians on the shores of Skhidnychanka and Stryi Rivers, 4 km from health resort Skhidnytsya and 21 km from health resort Truskavets. The historical name is Kropyvnyk Novyi. It borders on Skhidnytsya resort and such villages as Pereprostynya, Rybnyk, Pidsuhyi, Staryi Kropyvnyk and Guta farmstead.

Cupping glass massage
Duodenal probing
Carpathian herbal tea
Leech treatment
Herbal microclysters
Prices up from 55 UAH per person

1 km to the south of the village on the left shore of the Stryi and 0, 5 km to the west of the village the traces of an ancient Franks settlement of the 9th or 6th century B.C were found.

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