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Ivanna Mykhajlivna

There are 2 double-rooms (2 bedrooms and a big spacious living room, fully-equipped with furniture, with table-ware and a TV-set). There is also a separate kitchen and a dining room for individual cooking. There is also a bathroom inside.

In the yard of the cottage there is a tidy small house, a clean barn with cows and poultry. The unforgettable atmosphere of being close to nature is enhanced with a chirping swallow’s nest on the wall. There is a farmland where fruit and vegetables grow. The cottage is sunk in flowers and greens. The yard is crowded with tamed by children, fluffy, white, grey and spotted rabbits. There is a big children’s playground in the middle of the yard.
The cottage ‘At Slovyanochka’s’ is highland-located in a picturesque village Opaka and is neighbouring the trout farm, 22 km from health resort Truskavets and 11 km from health resort Skhidnytsya.
The holiday-makers of the cottage ‘At Slovyanochka’s’ may enjoy the professional trout fishing, try freshly-cooked fish dishes, gather some mushrooms in the aromatic pine-forest near to the house. There is a snow-tubing complex for kids and adults on the territory of the trout farm.
The village lies 20 km to the west of Drohobych, on the bank of the river Opachky, which winds deeply into the mountains. It is situated next to Boryslav, spa-resort Skhidnytsya, villages Novyi Kropyvnyk, Bystrytsia and Zalokit.
The first written record about Opaka was mentioned in 1578. According to the legend, the village was founded by the residents of the neighbouring lowlands, who had fled from Khan Batyi’s invasion and found their shelter there. On the Holy Cross Day the dismissal took place in Opaka. This tradition was established by the Priest Mykola Ben’ in 1926. Across Verh Mountain the Way of the Cross with 14 stops was followed. After World War II the Way of the Cross was ruined. Nowadays it is restored and the Ceremony takes place on 26th of September annually.
The stone chapel of Yasia and Kateryna Lys, located in Perekhrestya farmstead, not far from Opaka village in 1800.
The Intercession of Virgin Mary church (UGCC) in 1998. In the foreground, there is the Holy Virgin Assumption church (later on dismantled). Built in 1950, Opaka village.

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