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Infrastructure: Arbour, barbecue, dance floor, children’s playground, car parking.

Family Mansion" Cottage
Melnyk Volodymyr Fedorovych

Additional information: Drohobych district is attractive for its mountainous landscapes, historical places connected with Ivan Franko’s life and also national liberation events. Our land is one of the best resort areas in Ukraine. The unique natural landscapes, healing mineral springs facilitate the complete rest and treatment. In the recreational area of the region a full treatment course with different healing mineral waters can be taken:
The Memorial Cross at the entrance from Drohobych to Stare Selo, which was placed in 1998, commemorating the Holy Mass by the head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, Myroslav-Ivan Cardinal Bishop of Liubachiv on 9th April in 1991.
Bromine and iodine mineral waters without any specific features and components;
Sodium chloride and sulfate containing brines;
Brines with iron and soda components;
Waters with a high content of the organic substances (close to the ‘Naftusia’ type).
On our way from Stare Selo, that is 20 km to the west, you can visit the National Historical Cultural Conservation ‘Nahuievychi’, this is Ivan Franko’s homeland, which includes all of the memorial objects.
Stare Selo lies on the river Baru’s bank, 4 km to the north of Drohobych, 12 km to the north of Spa-resort Truskavets and 25 km to the north of resort Skhidnytsya.
The name of the village is connected with its age (Old Village). There are 3 well-preserved mounds of the Neolithic period, dating back to the 9th and the 3rd centuries B.C. That serves as an evidence of the pre-historical human life on the territory of the modern village. There is a legend about King Kohutyk (Rooster) kept up to now.
The Ivan Franko’s Museum in Nahuievychi in 1986.
The wooden Virgin Mary church of UGCC (Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church), which was built as a philanthropic project of Marquess Stanislav Tarnovskyi in 1894, in Stare Selo.

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