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"Sofiya" Сottage

There are 8 cosy double-rooms in the cottage.

The rooms on the second floor are being decorated, where 7 double-rooms will be available for the guests. There are two bathrooms and toilets on each floor. On the ground floor there is a gym, billiards and table tennis and also a kitchen and a dining room.

The guests can be offered to taste ancient dishes cooked to the recipes of the local landladies. There are excursions to Kanyova Mount (now it is Nebesna Sotnya Mount) and to the historical regional reservation ‘Tustan’. Free-time activities are provided, such as rafting and horse riding through the mountain wood.

There is a picturesque landscape in the heart of mountains where the river Stryi flows and where each year a crusade road along the mountain Kanyova is held. In the old time on the hill Kanyova (now it is Nebesna Sotnya Mount) stood a watch tower, where people announced about the movement of merchant strings and the appearance of strangers. A similar tower stood on the Towsta mountain.

The God’s Transfiguration wooden сhurch (UGCC) in the village Dovhe was built from 1903 to 1909. Murals inside were made by an artist Kornylo Ustyianovych.

Additional information: The village Dovhe is situated in the depth of the Carpathian Mountains on the bench of the river Stryi. It is situated 39 km from Truskavets and 12 km from the health resort Skhidnytsya. The village borders on the small town Skhidnytsya, villages Maydan, Pybnyk, Novyi Kropyvnyk and Pereprostyna. The village Dovhe is famous for its stonemasons. The local sandstone was used to produce of millstone for edging scythes and round stone for sharpening knives. From the ancient times glorious Carpathian stones are called ‘marble diamonds’ or ’dragonises’. This is a variety of quartz found in the valley of the river Stryi not far from the both villages Dovhe and Kropyvnyk.

The Virgin Mary Entry wooden сhurch (UGCC) in Dovhe village erected in 1903.

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